Candidate Name Highest Degree Current Position Current Institution Courses Taught in Core or General Education Programs Date Credentials Submitted  
Dr. J. Gary Elliott Ph.D, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, English-1997---MA, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, English-1992---BA, St. John\'s College, Philosophy-1986---- Associate Professor of Liberal Studies Kentucky State University HON 101, 102: Honors Seminars I and II---HON 211, 212: English Narrative and Dramatic Literature, English Lyric Poetry---HON 311: Uses of Language, Classical and Contemporary Rhetoric and Logic---LST 331: Preceptorial in Comparative Mythology---PHI 200: Introduction to Philosophy---PHI 410: Philosophy and Literature 2018-06-20 View
Mostafa Younesie PhD-2001------------ Independent researcher Plato , Republic ---Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics ---Aristotle, Politics ---Plato, Laws ------ 2018-02-25 View
Michael David Nichols PhD, Northwestern University-2010---MA, Miami University-2004-------- Assistant Professor, Dean of the Core Curriculum Saint Joseph\'s College Roots of Western Civilization (Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome)---Medieval and Renaissance Europe---Intercultural Studies: History and Literature of India---Intercultural Studies: History and Literature of China---Eastern Thought: Great Books in Asian Philosophy/Religion--- 2017-02-15 View
Robert McFadden PhD in Literature- University of Notre Dame-2017---Master of Theological Studies (MTS)-Vanderbilt University-2011---Bachelor of Arts in Classics with Minor in Judaic Studies-University of Cincinnati -2009---- PhD Candidate at the University of Notre Dame University of Notre Dame Foundations of Theology-Biblical/Historical (Fall 2016)---Friendship and Literature: Classical and Early Christian Perspectives (Fall 2014)---Beginning Greek I (Spring 2013)--------- 2016-08-28 View
Angela C Miceli Stout Bachelor of Arts, Thomas More College of Liberal Arts-2005---Master of Arts, Political Science, Louisiana State University-2010---Doctor of Philosophy, Political Science, Louisiana State University-2013---- Visiting Research Scholar Universidad de Navarra Ethics, Universidad de Navarra---Introduction to Political Theory, Indiana University-South Bend---Introduction to Political Theory, Louisiana State University---Politics and Conscience, Co-Instructor, University of Notre Dame------ 2015-07-28 View
Eric C. Graf Ph.D., Department of Spanish, Italian & Portuguese, University of Virginia-1997------------ Visiting Assistant Professor University of Francisco Marroquín Don Quijote---Writing Workshop: History of the Short Story in Spanish---Euclid\'s Elements--------- 2014-10-24 View
Matthew C Gertken PhD, English-2013---MPhil, Medieval & Renaissance literature-2007---BA, English-2005---- Fellow, National Endowment for the Humanities Keough-Naughton Institute of Irish Studies Banned Books (from the Odyssey to Joseph Heller)---Introduction to Rhetoric and Writing------------ 2014-10-15 View