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Candidate Name:
    Angela C Miceli Stout
    Bachelor of Arts, Thomas More College of Liberal Arts-2005---Master of Arts, Political Science, Louisiana State University-2010---Doctor of Philosophy, Political Science, Louisiana State University-2013----
Current Position:     Visiting Research Scholar
Current Institution:     Universidad de Navarra
Areas of degree(s):
    Degree in Political Science, with primary field in Political Philosophy
Interest in Teaching in Core Text/Liberal Arts Program:
    My main motivation for teaching in a core text/liberal arts program can be summed in the phrase: the prioritization of the person. One of my greatest strengths as a teacher is my genuine concern for the well-being and formation of my students. This concern is founded on my conviction that the end of every person is to know. In my experience the process of liberal learning is complex, one that takes place outside the classroom even more than it takes place within it. True liberal learning requires a community that extends beyond the classroom. It is the result of reflection on experience, interpreting one’s interaction with the environment, and discovering the importance of human relationships. My aim as a teacher is to guide students from their very core, to enable them to discover what inspires them, what gives them hope, and what opens them to taking action. It is this training in their own humanity that capacitates students to engage the material and each other in a more profound, honest and respectful manner. Liberal learning requires this encounter with both the text and with others, and it must be internalized and lived so that the person feels empowered to impact their society and to shape culture.
Courses Taught in Core or
General Education
    Ethics, Universidad de Navarra---Introduction to Political Theory, Indiana University-South Bend---Introduction to Political Theory, Louisiana State University---Politics and Conscience, Co-Instructor, University of Notre Dame------
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research, specialties, or
intellectual interests
    My research examines the ways in which theology and religion impacts the development of civil society and political society. I research topics such as secularization, freedom of conscience, religious liberty, the virtues of public life and and political ideologies.
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    Dissertation: Book manuscript in progress
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