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Candidate Name:
    Dr. J. Gary Elliott
    Ph.D, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, English-1997---MA, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, English-1992---BA, St. John\'s College, Philosophy-1986----
Current Position:     Associate Professor of Liberal Studies
Current Institution:     Kentucky State University
Areas of degree(s):
    Both my master\'s and doctoral degrees are in English with a Folklore Concentration and specialization in Ethnomusicology. My BA was earned in the St. John\'s College Great Books program.
Interest in Teaching in Core Text/Liberal Arts Program:
    I believe strongly in interdisciplinary, liberal education. My Great Books experience at St. John\'s College has informed my approach to learning and teaching. From 2006-20016, I taught seminars and tutorials in the Great Books program of the Whitney Young School of Honors at Kentucky State University. My specialty is in teaching Great Books seminars.
Courses Taught in Core or
General Education
    HON 101, 102: Honors Seminars I and II---HON 211, 212: English Narrative and Dramatic Literature, English Lyric Poetry---HON 311: Uses of Language, Classical and Contemporary Rhetoric and Logic---LST 331: Preceptorial in Comparative Mythology---PHI 200: Introduction to Philosophy---PHI 410: Philosophy and Literature
Optional statement on
research, specialties, or
intellectual interests
    The search for learning through meaningful conversation has defined my life, my scholarship, and my teaching.
Dissertation, thesis,
recent publication or
presentation, including submission
for consideration
    Dissertation: Outlaw Heroes and Poetic Persona in Rock and Roll Lyrics: The Life and Times of Johnny B. Goode. MA Thesis:The Partnership of Amede Ardoin and Dennis McGee: Folk Music and Cultural Determination in Southwestern Louisiana. Conference Presentation:Annual Meeting of the American Folklore Society, Nashville, TN, “My Key Won’t Unlock This Door: Sufi Mysticism and Sexual Impotence in Blues Lyrics.” Conference Presentation: The Association for Core Texts and Courses, 15th Annual Conference, Memphis, TN. “The Progress of Wrong Knowing: Reflections of Socrates’ Tyrannical Soul in Euripides’ Rhesos and Medea.”
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