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    Robert McFadden
    PhD in Literature- University of Notre Dame-2017---Master of Theological Studies (MTS)-Vanderbilt University-2011---Bachelor of Arts in Classics with Minor in Judaic Studies-University of Cincinnati -2009----
Current Position:     PhD Candidate at the University of Notre Dame
Current Institution:     University of Notre Dame
Areas of degree(s):
    I am earning a degree in Literature. My primary fields are Classics and Theology. I specialize in the reception of Classical Literature in Early Christianity.
Interest in Teaching in Core Text/Liberal Arts Program:
    I am motivated to teach in a Liberal Arts program because I attempt to instill within my students the capacity to gain wisdom about the human condition. As an undergraduate, I realized that core texts spur on reflection with respect to deep existential questions. When I pursued my graduate studies, I carried this lesson with me and chose a degree which would prepare me to teach in a Liberal Arts program: the PhD in Literature Program at Notre Dame. In my program, I designed a great books course on the premise that pagan and Christian authors teach students about the human need for friends. By the end of the semester, my students not only improved their critical thinking skills, but they also stated that friendships of virtue are key to a good life. Due to my education, I understand the need for an interdisciplinary way of teaching which uses core texts so that students can gain wisdom. Therefore, I am passionate about a Liberal Arts program because I wish for students to answer fundamental human questions and to live virtuously.
Courses Taught in Core or
General Education
    Foundations of Theology-Biblical/Historical (Fall 2016)---Friendship and Literature: Classical and Early Christian Perspectives (Fall 2014)---Beginning Greek I (Spring 2013)---------
Optional statement on
research, specialties, or
intellectual interests
    My research currently focuses on Cicero and Augustine. I also have interests in the problem of death in Classical and Early Christian Thought, the role of the imagination, and the life of John Henry Newman.
Dissertation, thesis,
recent publication or
presentation, including submission
for consideration
    Dissertation: “A Tale of Ciceronian Christians: Spiritual Exercises and Friendship in the Cassiciacum Dialogues and Confessions of St. Augustine” Publication “Becoming Friends with Oneself: Cicero in the Cassiciacum Dialogues,” in \"Studia Patristica\" (Publication, 2017).
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