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Candidate Name:
    Michael David Nichols
    PhD, Northwestern University-2010---MA, Miami University-2004--------
Current Position:     Assistant Professor, Dean of the Core Curriculum
Current Institution:     Saint Joseph\'s College
Areas of degree(s):
    Comparative Religion Philosophy
Interest in Teaching in Core Text/Liberal Arts Program:
    For the past six years I have taught in an interdisciplinary, Liberal Arts general education curriculum utilizing Core Texts. Recently I have served as the Dean and Coordinator of this program. I am interested in continuing in the same sort of program, in connecting together great books and core texts across disciplines and cultures of the world to further a holistic view of the human situation and continue the mission of liberal education.
Courses Taught in Core or
General Education
    Roots of Western Civilization (Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome)---Medieval and Renaissance Europe---Intercultural Studies: History and Literature of India---Intercultural Studies: History and Literature of China---Eastern Thought: Great Books in Asian Philosophy/Religion---
Optional statement on
research, specialties, or
intellectual interests
    My research is based on comparing the themes of mythic narratives from across the world, and also looking at how those myths are reinvented to meet changing times and concerns.
Dissertation, thesis,
recent publication or
presentation, including submission
for consideration
    “How the World Ended: Myths of Hope and Loss,” Cosmos and Logos: Journal of Myth, Religion, and Folklore, 2016.
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