Candidates Available

Candidate Name Highest Degree Current Position Current Institution Courses Taught in Core or General Education Programs Date Credentials Submitted  
Dr. J. Gary Elliott Ph.D, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, English-1997---MA, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, English-1992---BA, St. John\'s College, Philosophy-1986---- Associate Professor of Liberal Studies Kentucky State University HON 101, 102: Honors Seminars I and II---HON 211, 212: English Narrative and Dramatic Literature, English Lyric Poetry---HON 311: Uses of Language, Classical and Contemporary Rhetoric and Logic---LST 331: Preceptorial in Comparative Mythology---PHI 200: Introduction to Philosophy---PHI 410: Philosophy and Literature 2018-06-20 View
Mostafa Younesie PhD-2001------------ Independent researcher Plato , Republic ---Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics ---Aristotle, Politics ---Plato, Laws ------ 2018-02-25 View
Michael David Nichols PhD, Northwestern University-2010---MA, Miami University-2004-------- Assistant Professor, Dean of the Core Curriculum Saint Joseph\'s College Roots of Western Civilization (Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome)---Medieval and Renaissance Europe---Intercultural Studies: History and Literature of India---Intercultural Studies: History and Literature of China---Eastern Thought: Great Books in Asian Philosophy/Religion--- 2017-02-15 View
Robert McFadden PhD in Literature- University of Notre Dame-2017---Master of Theological Studies (MTS)-Vanderbilt University-2011---Bachelor of Arts in Classics with Minor in Judaic Studies-University of Cincinnati -2009---- PhD Candidate at the University of Notre Dame University of Notre Dame Foundations of Theology-Biblical/Historical (Fall 2016)---Friendship and Literature: Classical and Early Christian Perspectives (Fall 2014)---Beginning Greek I (Spring 2013)--------- 2016-08-28 View
Angela C Miceli Stout Bachelor of Arts, Thomas More College of Liberal Arts-2005---Master of Arts, Political Science, Louisiana State University-2010---Doctor of Philosophy, Political Science, Louisiana State University-2013---- Visiting Research Scholar Universidad de Navarra Ethics, Universidad de Navarra---Introduction to Political Theory, Indiana University-South Bend---Introduction to Political Theory, Louisiana State University---Politics and Conscience, Co-Instructor, University of Notre Dame------ 2015-07-28 View
Eric C. Graf Ph.D., Department of Spanish, Italian & Portuguese, University of Virginia-1997------------ Visiting Assistant Professor University of Francisco MarroquĂ­n Don Quijote---Writing Workshop: History of the Short Story in Spanish---Euclid\'s Elements--------- 2014-10-24 View
Matthew C Gertken PhD, English-2013---MPhil, Medieval & Renaissance literature-2007---BA, English-2005---- Fellow, National Endowment for the Humanities Keough-Naughton Institute of Irish Studies Banned Books (from the Odyssey to Joseph Heller)---Introduction to Rhetoric and Writing------------ 2014-10-15 View