The ACTC Employment Board provides to individuals and institutions a service to promote the use of core texts — world classics or texts of major cultural significance — in undergraduate, liberal arts education.

Subject to review by the ACTC Liberal Arts Institute office, ACTC will post either Candidate Credentials or Faculty/Administrator Positions that indicate significant interest in or use of core text, liberal arts educational materials, courses, and curricula. Positions may range from named chairs or signficant administrative positions to adjunct part-time positions of core text programs.

While ACTC recognizes that much of the structure of higher education hiring is done through the lens of specialties, and while the website therefore offers opportunities to describe the specialty qualifications of a candidate or a position, the Employment Board focuses in particular on positions that include signficant responsibilities in core text, liberal arts education and on candidates who indicate substantial interest or experience in core text, liberal arts teaching or research.

This site is currently open to any institutional position or individual candidate who meets the criteria above. ACTC reserves the rights to ask for further clarifications of postings before publishing or to refuse to publish a posting.

Modifications to originally submitted positions or credentials can be undertaken simply by reviewing the posting and submitting a new posting or credentials page with name and only those fields which have changed. Please check the “revision” box. The maximum number of revisions accepted after an original submission will be two.

Simply click the appropriate button on the left to review positions or candidates or to submit positions or credentials. Candidate credentials will automatically be removed six months after posting, and positions will be removed three weeks after the “Application Due” date.