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ACTC papers are short (seminar-essay style, 5 pages, double-spaced), treat one core text for at least ¾-1 page, and develop the conference theme. (Proposals for papers not related to our conference theme are also welcome.) The usual presentation time allotted to each paper is 12-15 minutes. Lively liberal arts discussions are a mark of ACTC conference panels. Thus, papers tend to range over theoretical considerations, particular interpretations, classroom or programmatic practices, and institutional missions—often involving all of these. Panel proposals should bear these characteristics in mind. Scholarly papers (up to 10 pages) may be submitted for publication in our selected proceedings after the conference, but only 5-page papers may be read at the conference. 

PANEL PROPOSALS should organize a panel of specific presenters with a title for the panel.  The person organizing the panel should include all personal information below and the paper proposal information for her/himself if s/he is presenting a paper in the panel. The names, institutions, phone numbers and email addresses of other panelists should be listed as part of the panel proposal. Listing the names does NOT constitute a registration but it ensures proper placement of individuals on panels.  Each person on a panel must register for the conference through the Online Registration Form. No more than two-panel members from the same institution may be present on one panel, but panel proposals with only two presenters are welcome. ACTC will form panels out of individual submissions or complete panel submissions. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: December 30, 2022.

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Conference Paper Proposal

Conference Paper Proposals are individual papers that will be assigned later to a panel by ACTC.

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If submitting a Conference Paper Proposal, then please fill in the information below.

Additionally, if you are proposing a panel, then please also fill in the Conference Panel Proposal information further down.

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Conference Panel Proposal

Conference Panel Proposals are a group of applicants from at least 2 institutions putting together a panel of 3-5 papers.

If submitting a Conference Panel Proposal, then please fill in the information below.

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Hitting the “submit” button will transfer you to Pay Pal. At that point, by credit card or Pay Pal account, you will need to pay your registration, membership and guest meal fees that you checked above. Upon acceptance of your payment, you (and your proposal) will be registered for the conference. You should receive a confirmation registration from us after payment.