Organizing Statement

ACTC is dedicated to the use of core texts, that is, world classics, in commonly-taken, undergraduate, liberal arts courses. See ACTC’s Organizing Statement for ACTC’s ideals and general means for achieving ACTC’s ends.


ACTC is a membership driven professional association concerned with the improvement of liberal education through the use of core texts. Membership is open to all who have an interest in liberal education and is determined before each annual meeting to be those who have paid their annual contributory dues on or before the opening of the annual conference. Corporate, institutional membership is also available, determined by the contribution of an institution to ACTC on or before the annual conference.

Each member is entitled to vote on each matter submitted to the membership during its annual business meeting or through a specially called election. A corporate member may designate one representative to vote in all membership meetings and specially called elections. No person may exercise two votes.

Members are called upon to vote for both the Board representatives and the Officers of ACTC. Nominations to the Board may come from the membership or the Board. The Officers are President, Executive Director, and Treasurer.


ACTC’s management is vested in the Governing Board. The Board, President, and Executive Director jointly form policies and initiatives of ACTC. The ACTC Liberal Arts Institute Board acts as an advisory board to the Executive Director on projects of the Institute.


ACTC is a federally-determined 501c(3), non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Offices are located at:

The ACTC Liberal Arts Institute at the University of Dallas
Box 725,  1845 E. Northgate Drive
Irving, TX 75062

Inquiries may be directed through Tess Makanas, Administrative Assistant, or to Officers of ACTC through