Membership in the Association is of two types: Individual and Institutional. Both are yearly in term. All proceeds go to the support of core text liberal education around the world.


Individual Membership 

Individual Membership is included in the cost of registration for our North American Conference,  but individuals can pay for membership separately, as well. Every member of ACTC has a vote in Association business, can be appointed to committees, and submit articles to be considered for our publications. Individual Membership without Conference Registration is $100.

 Institutional Membership

ACTC’s work of supporting liberal education with core texts in undergraduate classrooms goes on beyond our annual conference, and many institutions committed to this kind of education have chose to support ACTC’s work with Institutional Membership. Faculty at member institutions can participate in summer seminars, nominate students for our undergraduate conference, and are eligible to be invited to serve on our board. The cost of Institutional membership: Doctoral/Research Universities: $1500; Comprehensive/Masters Universities: $1000; Four Year Colleges: $750; Community Colleges and Secondary Schools” $500

The ACTC Liberal Arts Consortium

The Liberal Arts Consortium is comprised of a smaller number of colleges and universities who join with the ACTC leadership and board of directors to chart ACTC’s course and set our programmatic priorities. Consortium membership includes, in addition to all of the benefits of institutional membership, listing on the ACTC website, eligibility to nominate two faculty members for each ACTC Institute program, and a seat at the table as we discuss: conference themes, locations and sponsorships; institute topics and locations; collaborations with other organizations; funding opportunities and strategies; and new programs.  The cost of Consortium Membership: Doctoral/Research-$6000; Comprehensive/Masters: $5000; Four Year Colleges: $4000; Community Colleges and Secondary Schools: $3000

ACTC is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, professional, educational association. Contributory dues to ACTC are tax deductible. Institutions seeking further information for contribution purposes should contact us at