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Amsterdam University College (AUC) in the Netherlands has become the home for ACTC’s endeavours in Europe. We would like to provide a special thanks to dean Prof. dr. Martin van Hees and his management team for supporting this initiative. Universiteit van Amsterdam


Association for Core Texts and Courses (ACTC)

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Past European Conferences


2015: Amsterdam University College, The Netherlands

The first Liberal Arts and Sciences and Core Texts Conference took place at Amsterdam University

College from 11-12 September 2019. Welcoming guests from around the world, the conference was a great success in opening a dialogue about the role of core texts in a liberal arts and sciences education and was exemplary of AUC’s ongoing  commitment to making an innovative contribution to Dutch higher education. For more information, see:

2017: Winchester University, United Kingdom

2019: University of Navarra, Spain

The III European Liberal Arts and Core Texts Education Conference took place at the University of

Navarra in Pamplona, Spain from 17-19 October, 2019. The theme was “Caring for Souls: Can Core

Texts Educate Character?”. The Core Curriculum Institute at the University of Navarra welcomed a

large number of academics from liberal arts and sciences institutions across the world for lively

conversation and discussion. For more information, see:


"Literature and Character Education in Universities"

"Back to the Core"

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