The American Academy for Liberal Education has 25 years of accrediting experience, articulating and applying standards which advance the ideals and promote the best practices of liberal education across K-12 and higher education in the US and abroad.  AALE’s resolute commitment to support excellence in liberal arts learning and teaching has kept it focused on the primacy of academic quality and rigor, and it stands ready to assist liberal arts programs at colleges and universities with pathways and enrollment pipelines from concordant high schools.  Formerly an institutional accreditor, AALE is also working towards returning to institutional accreditation to provide an alternative option for institutions dedicated to academic quality and rigor within a pluralistic society.

In the Spring of 2022, ACTC and AALE committed to exploring collaborative projects together. We met at the ACTC conference at the University of Notre Dame that April to plan our first event, and on October 20, 2022 we cosponsored a webinar on Accreditation and the Liberal Arts. We will continue to look for ways to work together to advance the missions of both our organizations. ACTC represents one of the biggest and most robust networks of liberal arts faculty in the world. AALE has a twenty-five year track record of working to finding ways for the accreditation process to support the liberal arts. We are not sure exactly what forms of collaboration will emerge from our current commitment to one another, but we are excited to find out, and we would welcome your involvement. 

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Click HERE to watch a video of our 10-20-22 webinar.