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Thursday April 21

4:00 pm Registration 

  5:00 pm Presidential Plenary: Joshua Parens (University of Dallas)         
  6:00 pm Opening Reception         
Friday, April 22  8:15 am - 10:15 am Panel Session 1  1a. Reading and Race David Carl   "Relativism, Race, and the Canon: Joseph Conrad and Chinua Achebe," David Carl (St. John's College); "Avoiding the Fire: James Baldwin in Dialogue with Dostoevsky," Maia Campbell (University of Dallas); "Why Read Shakespeare, According to James Baldwin," Bryan Santin (Concordia College Irvine).  
    1b. (Re)Forming a Core Curriculum: The Process, the Struggle, and Why It is Worth It Lisa Jennings   "Lessons from Antigone: Inviting Students to the Syllabus Committee," Lisa Jennings (Valparaiso University); "Educational Virtues of Core Text Education," Jose Torralba (University of Navarra); "Defining a Canon To Achieve Learning Outcomes: Las Casas 'Apology' as a Case Example," Maria Jose Gomez Ruiz, Giannina Orejel Orejel and Montserrat Salomon Ferrer (Universidad Panamericana, Guadalajara);"Overcoming Obstacles to Empowered Dialogue in Leonardo Polo’s Anthropology of Directive Action," Daniel Bernardus (Daan) van Schalkwijk (Amsterdam University College).
    1c. Liberal Education and Politics Joseph Sterling   "Tocqueville in Sicily: Aristocracy and Democracy in Lampedeusa's The Leopard," Joseph Sterling (St. Johns College); "Malcolm X and the Transformative Power of A Liberal Education," Elizabeth Jane McGuire (Villanova University); "Speak Experience: Eavan Boland's ars poetica Object Lessons and the need for canon-evolution," Michele Rozga (Norfolk State University); "Democracy and Higher Education: Plato to Bloom," Paul Ulrich (Carthage College).
    1d. The Limits of Knowledge in Medieval Political Philosophy Josh Parens   “Doubt, Perplexity, and the Limits of Knowledge in Maimonides’s Guide 2.23-25,” Joshua Parens (University of Dallas); “The Limits of Knowledge and the Paths to Wisdom in Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy Ibn Yaqzan”, Gregory McBrayer (Ashland University); “Obscurity, Uncertainty, and Plurality on Human Paths toward Wisdom: The City of God XI.12-22,” Mary Keys (University of Notre Dame).
    1e. The Religious Foundations of Political Orders Jason Wallace   "The Trinitarian Community of Jonathan Edwards," Gordon Arnold (Hillsdale College); "Aquinas on Vicious Custons, the Natural Law, and Human Law," Daniel Zoumaya (Hillsdale College); "Rousseau's Civil Religion and the Problem of Power and Freedom," Jason Wallace (Samford University).
    1f. The Book of Esther and its Modern Repercussions Rick Kamber   "Reading the Book of Esther," Phillip LeCuyer (Respondeo Books); "TBA," Joseph Spoerl (Saint Anselm College); "TBA," Michael Chiarello (St. Bonaventure University); "Defying the Stars: The Legacy and Power of Queen Esther," Anjelo Reyes (Harvard University).
    1g. . Art and the Canon J. Scott Lee   "Cicero, Hiroshige, Dickenson, and Gates: Art, Attribution, and Canon," J.Scott Lee (ACTC-Retired); "Revisiting the Canon: High Art and Popular Art," Raquel Cascales (Universidad de Navarra); "Dark Premonition and Beautiful Expression: Karl Philipp Moritz's Theory of Artistic Creation," Mark Walter (Aurora University).
  10:30 am - 12:30 pm Panel Session 2 2a. Roundtable on Roosevelt Montás' Rescuing Socrates Joseph Knippenberg, Roosevelt Montas    Joseph Knippenberg (Oglethorpe University), Daniel Cullen (Rhodes College), Page Laws (Norfolk State University), Patrick Gray (Rhodes College), Tuan Hoang (Pepperdine University), Roosevelt Montás (Columbia University)
    2b. Beauty, Rhetoric, and Education in Plato2 Michael Dink   "The Twists and Turns of Diotima's Speech," Michael Dink (St. John's College, Annapolis); "War and Combat, or Feast and Friendship: Power vs. Philosophy in Plato's Gorgias," Thomas Larson (Saint Anselm College); "Slandering Socrates," David Mirhady (Simon Fraser University);  "Illuminating the Canon: Learning Under the Sun in Plato's Laws," Bradley Davis (Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology).  
    2c. Kingship and Tyranny in the Hebrew Bible Benjamin Slomski  
"The Accumulation of All Powers: The Federalist's New Definition of Tyranny," Benjamin Slomski (Ashland University); "Meditations on Saulide Tyranny in the First Book of Samuel," Robert Wyllie (Ashland University); "Friendship and the Threat of Tyrrany in 1 Samuel," Steven Knepper (Virginia Military Institute).
    2d. Power and Faith: Augustine in Conversation Peter Busch   "Strike the Blow: Frederick Douglass Reverses St. Augustine," Peter Busch (Villanova University); "Augustine and Michael Novak: Their Confessions," John Doody (Arizona State University); "Augustine and Varro on Homecoming and Religion," Mary Keys (University of Notre Dame); "Montaigne and Augustine's Confessions,"  Margaret Matthews (Villanova University).
    2e. Social Science and Literature in Conversation in the Core Daniel Nuckols   "Adopting Mills' Sociological Imagination Into the Traditional Canon," Kristen Koenig (Concordia University); "Darwin's Impact on the Evolution of Economic Thought," Daniel Nuckols (Austin College); "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of a Life Lived Well," John Lu (Concordia University Irvine); "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Versus Natural Law Theory's Basic Human Goods," Robert Anderson (Saint Anselm College).
  12:30 - 1:30pm Lunch Break        
  1:30 - 3:15 pm Panel Session 3 3a. ACTC in Europe: Planning Meeting Emma Cohen de Lara   Emma Cohen de Lara (University of Amsterdam); Jose Torralba (University of Navarra); Charlotte Thomas (Mercer University).
    3b. Justice and Law in Plato's Political Dialogues Francis Grabowski   "By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them: The Unhappy Villainy of Glaucon's Shepherd and Shakespeare's Macbeth," Francis Grabowski (Rogers State University); "Not Athenian or a Stranger: The Veiled Critique of Aristotle in Plato's Laws," Philip Vogt (Lawrence Technological University); "Friendship and Justice in Plato's Alcibiades I," Matthew Oberrieder (Rogers State University).
    3c. Our debts to Virgil Clinton Armstrong   Transorming the classic: Ovid's Metamorphosis of Virgil," Clinton Armstrong (=(concordia University); "Imago Aeneaea: The Epic Hero as a Prefigurement of Augustine's Doctrine of the Image of God," John Corwin (Samford University); Rhipeus: Teaching Virgil at a Catholic Liberal Arts College," Branden Kosch (University of Dallas).
    3d. Memory, Canon, and Power Greg Camp   "The Vapor of Memory," Greg Camp (Fresno State University); "Infamy Reconsidered: Franklin Roosevelt, Pearl Harbor, and the Shaping of Public Memory in Wartime," Randall Fowler (Fresno Pacific University); "Exiles, Holocaust, Homecoming, and Memory," Richard Rawls (Georgia Gwinnett College); "Now That We Are Old, Ugly and Miserable: Brideshead Revisited and the Return of Liberal Arts to Education," William Kuehnle (Ohio State University).
    3e. The Endurance of the Liberal Arts: Villanova’s Core Program at 30 John Paul Spiro   "TBA," John Paul Spiro (Villanova University); "From Canon to Conversation in Thirty Years: The Transormation of Core Humanities Through St. Augustine," Marylu Hill (Villanova University); "Love in the Core," Scott Moringiello (DePaul University); "TBA," Kim Paffenroth (Iona College).
    3f. Uses and Misuses of Canon Paul Shields   "Politics and Pedagogy in the Thought of Mortimer Adler," Jose Arevalo (Hillsdale College); "Liberal Education and Deconstruction: Truth and Untruth in The Odyssey and Rescuing Socrates," David Arndt (Saint Mary's College of California); "Bloom's Act of Protest: Power and the Canon," Paul Shields (Assumption University); "The Non-Traditional Learner: Ralph Waldo Emerson and The American Scholar," Christopher Beckham (Morehead State University); "Between Seneca Falls and Grandview: Alexis de Toqueville as the First Enlightened Sexist," David Dolence (Dominican University IL).
    3g. Women Writing from the Margins Thomas Bullington   "A Dish of Tea with Sappho: Engaging Orientalism and Pre-Feminist Thought in Wortley Montagu's Turkish Embassy Letters," Thomas Bullington (Mercer University); "Never Put Anything in Writing: Women's Epistolary Acts in the Developing French Novel," Taddy Kalas (Augustana College); "Who Gets to Tell the Story? Reconsidering the Narrative Voice in Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior," June-Ann Greeley (Sacred Heart University).
  3:30 pm - 5:15 pm Panel Session 4 4a. ACTC in Latin America: Planning Meeting      
    4b. Altered Texts Carrie Kaplan   "Adaptation: Making Everyone Everybody," Carrie Kaplan (Austin Community College); "Controlling the Canon Via Translation," Michelle Kundmueller (Old Dominion University); " "Canon Through Censorship in the Catholic Church," Griffin McHaffie (Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship).
    4c. Augustinian Experiences Kaley Carpenter   “Empowering Students through a Classroom Canon: the Case for School Reform, from Augustine to Prince Ea,” Kaley Carpenter (Villanova University); Lectio Divina with Augustine's Confessions," Toby Coley (University of Mary Hardin-Baylor); "The Gift of Continence, the order of Love, and the Travail of Nativity: The Power of Moral Wisdom in the Confessions," Chaz Holsomback (University of Dallas); "The Wonders of Time and the Seasons in Augustine," Erica Johnson (University of Dallas).
    4d. Bureaucracy, Law, and Nihilism Michael Chiarello   "That's Some Catch, that Catch 22: Catch 22 and the Logic of Nihilism," Michael Chiarello (St. Bonaventure University); "Power and Responsibility in Kafka's The Trial," Kirsten Lodge (Midwestern State University); "Law and Life in Camus's The Stranger," Philip Pajakowski (Saint Anselm College); "Powers of Non-amoral Genealogical Core Texts," Charles Pisaruk (Austin Community College).
    4e. Confronting Otherness in the Core Ann Dunn   Feste: The Marginalized and Powerless Achieve Power," Ann Dunn (UNC Asheville); "Fear and Loathing in Ithica: Examining The Other in The Odyssey," "Kerri K Pope (Austin Community College); "The Secret Charm of Ignatius of Loyola: Faith and Pragmatism in Anna Julia Cooper's Political Philosophy," Kevin Scott (University of Notre Dame); "Fear and Self-Loathing: Luther's Freedom of a Christian in Light of Loyola's Autobiography," Scott McGinnis (Samford University).
    4f. Friendship and the Core Emma Cohen de Lara   "A Core Text on Friendship," Emma Cohen de Lara (University of Amsterdam); "Frienship and the Threat of Tyranny in 1 Samuel," Steven Knepper (Virginia Military Institute); Plato's Phaedrus and the Power of Oral Culture," Richard Klee (University of Notre Dame).
    4g. The Past, The Future, and The Canon J. Scott Lee   "On Invention, Fire, and Making Ourselves," J. Scott Lee (ACTC-retired); "Modern Mysteries and the Necessity of Tradition in Dorothy Sayers," Annalise DeVries (Samford University); "Power, Despaire, Hope: Envisioning the Future When There Isn't One," Eric McGuckin (Sonoma State University); "Hannah Arendt on Bertolt Brecht: The Poet and Politics," Natalie Moreira (University of Dallas).
  5:30 pm Plenary Session: Yang Xiao (Kenyon College)          
  6:00 pm Dinner: Free        
Saturday, April 23 8:15 am - 10:45 am Panel Session 5 5a. AALE and ACTC: Exploring our Collaboration Mary Ann Powers, Jacquie Pfeffer Merrill, Charlotte Thomas   Mary Ann Powers (American Academy for Liberal Education); Jacquie Pfeffer Merrill (American Academy for Liberal Education); Charlotte Thomas (Mercer University).
    5b. Black Core Texts Matter (Greatly) Page Laws   "'Lift Every Voice and Sing:' 'Race Men' James Weldon Johnson and J. Rosamond Johnson's 'Black National Anthem' as a Core Text and Cultural Icon," Page Laws (Norfolk State University); "The Racism We Know is the Hill Amanda Gorman Asks Us to Climb," Cathy Jackson (Norfolk State University); "The War for White Culture in the Classroom: A Textbook Analysis of Race and Racism in History Textbooks for 9-12 Graders in North Carolina," Jamya Robinson (University of Notre Dame); "Thinking About 'Power and the Canon' and Frederick Douglass," Joe Ruff (Valparaiso University); "The Autobiography of Malcome X Through the Lens of Communication Studies," Aimee Finney (Austin Community College).
    5c. Canonical Confrontations Matthew Dinan   "The Light In Which It Is Best Understood: Is Virtue Knowledge in Pride and Prejudice?" Matthew Dinan (St. Thomas University); Descartes' Machiavellian Critique of Aristotle's Account of Motion," Samuel Stoner (Assumption University); "Insolence in Aristotle’s Rhetoric and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar," Mary Townsend (St. John's University); "The Rhetoric and Rules of Aquinas's Aristotelity," Mary Mathie (University of Texas at San Antonio); "TBA," Derek Duplessie (Clemson University).
    5d. Grounding the Core Anne Ruszzkiewicz   "Developing a New Canon for Environmental History," Anne Ruszzkiewicz (Sullivan County Community College); "The Power of Place: Why George Orwell and Robert Macfarlane Go Down A Mine," Antony Lyon (University of California San Diego), “The Ethical Geography of the Divine Comedy: Dante’s use of Space and Place," Neil Robertson (University of King's College, Halifax).
    5e. Justice and the Problematic Character of Virtuous Greatness: Historical and Philosophic Perspectives Frank Rohmer   "Virtue and the Tragic Character of Greatness: Great Men and Grand Politics in Xenophon's Hellenica," Frank Rohmer (Austin College); "TBA," Joe Reisert (Colby College); "Aristotle's Eudemian Ethics Standing Alone," Ann Charney Colmo (Dominican College); "TBA," Dan Palm (Asuza Pacific University); "The Variability of the Good: Machiavelli's Treatment of Virtue and Historical Greatness,"  Wyatt Hill (University of Dallas).
    5f. Virtue, Value, and the Canon  Sandra Hernández González  

"MacIntyre Apllied: Narrative, Jane Austen, and the Learning of Virtues: A Proposal for Students in a Virtue Ethics Program," Sandra Hernández González (Universidad Panamericana); "C.S. Lewis an the Doctrine of Objective Value," Christopher Snyder (Mississippi State University); "Literary Criticism at Gunpoint: Evelyn Waugh's Satirical Seminar in A Handful of Dust and the Limits of the Liberal Arts," Alexander Taylor (University of Dallas); "Plato on the Nature of Power, and the Aim of the Canon," Gary Hartenburg (Houston Baptist University).

    5g. Blowing up the Canon? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't Lynn Tatum   "City Under Siege: Christine de Pizan and Her Attach on the Patriarcal Canon," Ann McGlashan (Baylor University); "Blowing Up the Canon: Jesus Christ Superstar at 50," Ann Tatum (Baylor University); Asimov's Nightfall and Plato's Allegory of the Cave," Joshua Tepley (Saint Anselm College); "El Cid and the Quest for Hispanidad," Erik Ellis (Universidad de los Andes, Chile).
  11:00 am Plenary Session Community Colleges and Liberal Education      
  12:30 pm Lunch Break         
  1:30 pm - 3:15 pm Panel Session 6  6a. Core Texts at Large Research Universities Christopher Snyder   Christopher Snyder (Mississippi State University); Roosevelt Montás (Columbia Univesity)Melinda Zook (Purdue University).
    6b. Slavery, Religion, and What It Is To Be Human. Ellen Rigsby   "Epictetus and Douglass on Slavery," Ellen Rigsby (Saint Mary's College of California); "Frederick Douglass on the Slaveholder's Religion: How Slavery Destroys True Christianity," Joey Barretta (Hillsdale College); "Douglass, Jacobs, and Socrates: The Good Life Examined, " Daniel Deen (Concordia University, Irvine); "Am I Not a Man and a Brother”: Classical Liberalism, Power, and Voices in Opposition,"Angela Ferguson (Samford University).
    6c. Liberty and the Canon

Molly Brigid McGrath


"Spartan Liberty: Learning from Xenophon," Richard Avramenko (University of Wisconsin-Madison); "The Hermeneutical Turn in Classical Education," Jeff Polet (Hope College); "Liberal Education or Liberation Education," David Corey (Baylor University); "Plato or Paulo: Liberal vs. Liberatory Education," Molly Brigid McGrath (Assumption University); "TBA," Martha Bayles.

    6d. Questions, Answers, and Joy in the Classroom Emily Langston   "What Does an Answer Look Like," Emily Langston (St. John's College, Annapolis); "Aristotle's Use of the Canon as a Standard," April Olsen (St. John's College, Santa Fe); "῾The Scandal of Joy: Leisure in the Classroom, " Timothy Sutton (Samford University).
    6e. Rejuvenating and Reinventing the Liberal Arts: A Summer Seminar Introduction to the Arts of the Trivium, Ancient to Modern. J. Scott Lee   J. Scott Lee (ACTC-retired); Charlotte Thomas (Mercer University); Joshua Parens (University of Dallas); Ben DeSmidt (Carthage College)
    6f. Cosmology and Science Steven Burgess   "Motivating Cosmological Thinking on Aquinas's Five Ways," Steven Burgess (Benedictine University); "The World, The Heart, and the Discourse on Method," Jarrett Carty (Concordia University);  "Using Core Texts to Emphasize the Human Element of Science," Sarah Karam (Concordia University, Irvine).
  3:30 pm - 5:15 pm Panel Session 7 7a. Ancient Virtues and the Medieval Core Paul Contino   "Beowulf and Aristocratic Power," Charles Hilken (St. Mary's College of California); "Dante's Purgatorio as a School of Virtue," Paul Contino (Pepperdine University); " Dante's Platonism," Roger Barrus (Hampden-Sydney College).
    7b. Pity, Shame, and the Horror of Dying Kiki Berk   "Beauvoir on the Horror of Dying," Kiki Berk (Southern New Hampshire University); "Debt Shame in 'A Doll's House," Jacqueline Dillion (Pepperdine University); "To See or To Be Seen: Self-Identification in Rousseau's Second Discourse and Reveries," Miriam McElvain (University of Dallas).
    7c. Reflections in Chinese Poetry and Epic Stuart Patterson   "The Relevance of Irreverance: Monkey as a Totem for the Hybrid Future," Stuart Patterson (North Central College); "Discovering Chinese Poetry in a Great Questions Course," Linda Cox (Austin Community College); "An Alternative Vision of Unity and Order in Shijing, the Book of Songs," Camelia Raghinaru (Concordia University, Irvine).
    7d. Submitted For Your Consideration Leon Wash   "Epic Poetry a la Española: The Cantar de Mio Cid as a kickstarter for the Hispanic Canon," Clemente Cox (Universidad de los Andes, Chile); "Aesop at the Warm Core of the Western Canon," Leon Wash (Colgate University); "Delta as Part of Aristotle's Metaphysics," Bessie Zibara Lara (Univerdad del Istmo); "The Ancient Ideal Incarnate: Napoleon, Power, and Community in Nietzsche's On the Genealogy of Morals," Benjamin Giles (University of Dallas); "Fleeing Culture, into the Desert: Education, Power, and Authority in an unknown Swiss Novel," Thomas Stefaniuk (Florida Gulf Coast University).
    7e. The Foundations of Political Liberty and Human Rights in Rome, England, and the US. Craig Tobin   "Livy on the Conditions of Freedom," Craig Tobin (James Madison College); "Is John Locke Still Worth Reading?" Kenneth Betsalel (University of North Carolina Asheville); "The Declaration of Independence as a Birthright Text for Empowering Human Rights," Richard Kamber (The College of New Jersey); "I Thirsted for Knowledge of His Will: the Epistemological Disaster of Charles Brockden Brown's Wieland," Laura Schrock Crawford (Samford University).  
    7f. The Political Philosophy of Xenophon's Cyropaedia and Plato's Republic Alex Priou   "Plato's Republic in its Thucydidean Context," Alex Priou (University of Colorado Boulder); "TBA," Timothy Burns (Baylor University); "Honored Above All Others: Cyrus's Unrivaled Ambition," Gregory McBrayer (Ashbrook Academy); "Techne and Justice in Socrates' refutation of Thrasymachus," Paul Diduch (University of Colorado Boulder); "The Forebearers of One's Own Opinions," Travis Mulroy (Tulane University).
  5:30 pm Plenary and Dinner: Roosevelt Montás (Columbia University)      
Sunday, April 24 9:30 am Business Meeting