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ACTC Liberal Arts Institute Opens

The ACTC Liberal Arts Institute at Saint Mary's College of California

The ACTC Liberal Arts Institute provides help to faculty and administrators in the development of core programs as well as baccalaureate degree programs. The purpose of these efforts are dual: to strengthen the quality of liberal education within institutions and to offer institutions the opportunities to define a clear “market niche” for their programs within the competitive higher education marketplace based on a worthwhile liberal education. As always, ACTC provides this help with the ideals and current practices of liberal education in view, and ACTC always works with individual institutions to enhance each institution’s traditions and strengths. The Institute does this through several means:

International Curriculum and Assessment Implementation Projects: The Institute has developed curriculum and assessment projects which provide models to institutions seeking to develop enriched baccalaureate, general liberal educations. We also work with institutions seeking to strengthen liberal studies and interdisciplinary majors.

Research Projects on Curriculum, Student and Faculty Support, and Assessment: The Institute conducts research which will improve liberal education in curriculum, faculty support, student support, administration and assessment. The Institute is particularly strong in the areas of general education review and in the preparation of institutions for future accreditation. The concerns of the Institute stretch from texts to international networks of institutions seeking to cooperate on liberal arts, core course and core text projects.

Resource Consultations: ACTC’s Liberal Arts Institute will provide to interested faculty and administrations, on a fee for service basis, advisory consulting in matters of curriculum reform, links of student and faculty support to curriculum, assessment, and strategic planning.

Free Information: ACTC’s Institute website provides links to numerous Program Descriptions and interested parties may contact the Institute to locate individuals interested in core text, liberal education who have either worked with ACTC and/or have participated in its conferences and activities. We provide extensive information on the nature of our (Inter)national Projects and welcome inquiries by individuals or institutions on questions concerning liberal, general education, core curricula, and core texts.

Support for Annual Conference: The Institute also provides administrative support for ACTC annual operations, such as the ACTC conference.

J. Scott Lee, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Association for Core Texts and Courses
ACTC Liberal Arts Institute at
St. Mary's College of California
1928 Saint Mary's Road
Moraga, CA 94556
925 631 4000
Home office: 908 359 7560

Rosa Grundig
Administrative Assistant
ACTC Liberal Arts Institute
925 631 4000

Association for Core Texts and Courses & The ACTC Liberal Arts Institute at
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1928 Saint Mary's Road, Moraga, CA 94556
Ph: 925 631 8597

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