Individual Membership 

Membership in the Association is of two types, Individual and Institutional. Both are yearly in term. All proceeds go to the support of core text liberal education around the world.

Individual Membership is included in the cost of registration for our 2022 Spring Conference, which is substantially reduced from the normal cost of registration for our in-person conferences.

Regular faculty, registration and membership is $350.

Graduate student registration and membership is $250.

Emeritus professor registration and membership is $250

Guest Registration for Reception and Dinner only is $110.

Individual Membership without Conference Registration is $100 (email for an invoice)


Please register for our 2022 conference (with our without submitting a paper or panel proposal) in order to join our association as an individual.

ACTC is very proud of the increasing membership and support we have received from individuals dedicated to the ideals of liberal education espoused by ACTC.

Institutional Membership

ACTC's work of supporting liberal education with core texts in undergraduate classrooms goes on beyond our annual conference, and many institutions committed to this kind of education have chose to support ACTC's work with Institutional Membership.

Community Colleges and Preparatory Schools $ 500.00
Four Year Baccalaureate Colleges $ 750.00
Comprehensive/Masters Institutions $ 1,000.00
Universities $ 1,500.00

Many of our Institutional Members contribute at or above these levels. We are grateful to all institutions for the support they give to ACTC. A list of Institutional Members is available on our website and will, also, be provided upon request by our ACTC Liberal Arts Institute office. We are proud of the fact that Institutional Membership has increased nearly four-fold since 1996, the first year of institutional membership.

To become an institutional member, please send an email We will prepare an invoice to your institution's specifications. 

ACTC is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, professional, educational association. Contributory dues to ACTC are tax deductible. Institutions seeking further information for contribution purposes are urged to contact the ACTC Liberal Arts Institute office.

Benefits of ACTC Membership

Individual Members are eligible to vote on all matters brought before the membership, including election of officers, either through the annual business meeting or through our listserv. Members serve on committees of governance and in the activities which ACTC promotes; thus, they shape the substance and outcomes of ACTC.

Committees have included:
The ACTC Advisory Board
A Presidential Search Committee
A Planning Committee for the ACTC Liberal Arts Institute

Contributions – individual and institutional – have supported the following activities:
The Annual Conferences
Editing and Publishing our Annual Selected Proceedings which have represented over 80 different institutions' core programs over the last five years.
Publication of Institutional Members' student papers in the Agora Journal (University of Lynchburg:
The annual Newsletter
The ACTC Directory
The ACTC Website
The ACTC Listserv
The establishment and operation of the ACTC Liberal Arts Institute
The Institute's Projects:
"Trends in the Liberal Arts Core" – a research project on the trends and state of Liberal Education in over 80 colleges and universities in the last 25 years;
"Bridging the Gap Between the Humanities and Sciences" – an NEH Exemplary Education project designed to bring humanists and scientists together to build core text, interdisciplinary, humanities and sciences general education courses.
NEH Landmarks of American History Grant: "Wiping Away the Tears: Renewing Cherokee Culture and American History through the Cherokee Heritage Center and the Trail of Tears"