The Association for Core Texts and Courses has, as part of its organizing statement, a pledge to provide fora for the discussion of core texts and their associated courses. Chief among these fora are conferences.

ACTC’s annual conference is an international congress of faculty and administrators of institutions from around the world which gather in the late spring. Our plenary speakers and the attendees from North and South American, European, Middle Eastern, and Asian institutions bring with them the interests and concerns in building liberal arts curricula for undergraduates composed of core texts, that is, world classics.

ACTC publishes, peer-reviewed, Selected Proceedings after every conference. Sample papers are available on this website.

Previous agendas and themes of the conference are trans-disciplinary and broad in scope. ACTC attracts participants from nearly every undergraduate discipline, and many graduate disciplines, as well. Themes emphasize the liberal arts, core texts, and faculty cooperation in interpreting texts, developing curricula and pedagogy, and working with students.

The 22nd Annual Conference theme was: Tradition and Renewal, Continuity and Change in Core Text, Liberal Arts Programs (2016).

Annual Conferences are the cooperative effort of sponsoring and co-sponsoring institutions and the offices of ACTC. Our 2016 conference venue was Atlanta, Georgia. Sponsoring and co-sponsoring institutions have the opportunity to showcase their institution’s core text (or general education) program in panels reserved exclusively for their institution’s presentation. They are involved in development of theme and selection of plenary speakers, as well as conference recruitment. Interested parties should contact

ACTC Student Conferences are offered every other year as a function of cooperative support between ACTC’s Liberal Arts Institute and sponsoring and co-sponsoring institutions. Structured much like the annual conferences, these meetings are marked by papers that are short, five-pages, and center on a core text. The papers and panels emphasize reflection by students on the relation between the core text(s) that they have read and their entire baccalaureate experience. The conference is designed to emphasize essay writing. The best three papers of each conference are published by the Agora, an online, peer/professor-reviewed, student journal of University of Lynchburg, which specializes in responses to the great books of the world.

Students must attend a supporting Institutional Member of ACTC. Students must be nominated for participation by a professor from their institution. An organizing committee composed of professors and students on the sponsoring campus will review the papers and develop the agenda. Co-sponsoring institutions provide material support and volunteers to help chair panels. Interested parties should contact

Special Topic Conferences are sponsored by the ACTC Liberal Arts Institute at Concordia University--Irvine and interested sponsoring institutions. Conference topics may involve research that ACTC has conducted; such was the case in 2006 at our conference on “Trends in the Liberal Arts Core: Cooperative Integration Between the Humanities and Sciences.” Or, conferences may address particular issues in higher education which affect core text, liberal arts education. ACTC is in the early planning stages of two such conferences on Asian texts and Women in the Core. Watch our Institute pages for announcements. Institutions which have ideas for such conferences are welcome to contact the Executive Director of ACTC at